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Our colloidal silver products contain nothing more than 100% pure medical-grade distilled water, ionic silver & nanoparticles of 99.99% pure silver, suspended as a colloid. There is a wealth of information relating to 'colloidal silver uses' on Google. Be sure to have a look!

Distilled Water Specification: Conductivity: < 0.02µS, TDS: 0ppm, PH: 7±1, B.P: > 100°c, Density: 1gm/ml

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4.91 / 5 Rating
116 Reviews
Brilliant service quick quality delivered in good time very helpful A**thank you pro colloidal
Recommended by a friend, and a little sceptical at first, but my wife and I have been free of chest infections since we started taking the preparation 18 months ago. We are now fully persuaded as to its antibiotic properties. We swill 5ml of the solution round our throats, and slowly swallow it daily. Delivery service online is excellent. M S Comber, Retired Pharmaceutical Chemist.
I have used Pro Colloidal Silver on myself and my cats for several years. This was beneficial in ensuring that my cat's eye healed rapidly, and without incurring infection. I ingest a couple of teaspoons myself each day. I also find it indispensable for applying to cuts and grazes on myself and my cats.
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