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Our colloidal silver products contain nothing more than 100% pure medical-grade distilled water, ionic silver & nanoparticles of 99.99% pure silver, suspended as a colloid. There is a wealth of information relating to 'colloidal silver uses' on Google. Be sure to have a look!

Distilled Water Specification: Conductivity: < 0.02µS, TDS: 0ppm, PH: 7±1, B.P: > 100°c, Density: 1gm/ml

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163 Reviews
Very fast delivery. Great packaging . And very good value for money
I discovered the power of silver as a protection against micro-organisms a few years ago when my father contracted shingles and the only cure that worked was a proprietary cream called 'Tetrasil' which is a combination of silver and oxygen. I then investigated silver and I think that colloidal silver would have been an effective alternative. Later, my niece mentioned that she used a proprietary detergent when washing her socks after a session of physical activity. This was called 'Halo Sportswash'. This product does not state which chemical is mixed with the detergent but it states that foot smells are removed and athlete's foot fungus is cured. I believe that it must contain some sort of silver compound to produce this effect. I tried it but found that I needed to top up the amount of detergent in order to clean the clothes so I have been adding some collodial siver when washing laundry instead. I don't know if I am using the optimum quantity but 5ml added to the detergent and another 5ml with the conditioner seems to work. I use it with all of my clothes (and anyone else's in my washing machine) as I think that complete disinfection can't do any harm. I think that spraying it between the toes would also cure any fungus that has developed but I don't need to do this as the colloidal silver in my washed socks prevent this occurring. Anyway, I ordered the current batch because I had run out of the last batch. Pro Colloidal silver responds to the order promptly and packs the bottles securely. I shall re-order from this company when required. I know that some companies say that a glass bottle is preferable to plastic but I don't think it makes any difference to its operation and plastic doesn't break if you drop it. Thank you very much for you attention and for producing this preparation. EAS
First time ordering, spoke to Alan on the phone who was extremely helpful and installed me with confidence. Order arrived two days later which was very impressive and excellent quality! Will definitely be ordering from here again and recommend to family and friends.
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