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Our colloidal silver products contain nothing more than 100% pure medical-grade distilled water, ionic silver & nanoparticles of 99.99% pure silver, suspended as a colloid. There is a wealth of information relating to 'colloidal silver uses' on Google. Be sure to have a look!

Distilled Water Specification: Conductivity: < 0.02µS, TDS: 0ppm, PH: 7±1, B.P: > 100°c, Density: 1gm/ml

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189 Reviews
Perfect delivery and easy purchase. Quick response to my emailed questions.
Very happy , extremely helpful advice was given . This is a company that cares about you and recommends how to use the products and if you need to buy certain ones . I am glad I have spoken to Allan and will definitely be ordering again.
Very helpful with information on other products that they do. Cheaper to go direct. You can talk to seller help and guidance and have products made to your request. Excellent
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