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Colloidal Zinc

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2 x Premium Colloidal Zinc 25ppm - 250ml [2 For 1 Deal]
SPECIAL OFFER 2 x 250ml bottles (500ml total) of premium quality colloidal zinc made to approx. 25ppm (parts per million). At 25ppm, our product..
2 x Premium Colloidal Zinc 25ppm - 500ml [2 For 1 Deal]
2 x 500ml bottles (1 Litre total) of our premium colloidal zinc made using absolutely pure fine zinc . ..
2 x Premium Colloidal Zinc 25ppm - 1 Litre [2 For 1 Deal]
SPECIAL OFFER - MASSIVE SAVINGS BY BUYING IN BULK 2 x 1L bottles (2L total) of premium quality colloidal zinc made to approx. 25ppm (parts per mill..

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4.88 / 5 Rating
525 Reviews
I used to manufactures nana particulate colloidal silver 25 years ago and 30pmm using high voltage (it's the best way). I sold that business and always was a great fan at this amazing alternative to antiseptics that are harmful to animals and humans. I tried a couple of other manufacturer's products but I found this one to be among the most consistant for quality and speed of delivery when I need it quick and at a reasonable price. 25ppm is the best strength for the results I need and it works perfectly on my dogs eyes and ears. No more vet bills for crap antibiotics. I clean all wounds with colloidal silver and this one is the best out there for consistant quality and of laboratory standard. Thanks guys... I am hooked on your product and we love it.
Very good customer service from This Company. Very helpful if you have a question. Quick delivery. Very good products. I have been a customer for several years, and will continue to buy from them.
I always purchase Pro Colloidal Silver as it's our first 'go to' for absolutely anything before going on to other natural remedies, but that's not very often, as it really works. I highly recommend this product.
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