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Pure Copper Insoles (For Arthritis, Rheumatism, Joint Pain)

Pure Copper Insoles (For Arthritis, Rheumatism, Joint Pain)
Pure Copper Insoles (For Arthritis, Rheumatism, Joint Pain)
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Synthetic Leather Insoles - Provides extra comfort & cushioning
Can be worn with socks and stockings! These simply act as a conduct for connection between the sole and the copper insoles.
Lightweight and comfortable that can replace existing soles or provide additional comfort & cushioning
Synthetic Leather top layer & shock absorbing bottom layer makes you feel like you are walking on air
Ideal for shoes, boots, slippers, trainers & most other footwear
One Size fits all, you can cut along pre marked guides with sharp scissors, please note for best results please take your existing soles out of your footwear and cut against them
Unisex – Suitable for men and Women
Our Copper Discs are of much thicker quality than the average ones you can purchase & hand made in Great Britain by a professional engineer

Crafted from genuine Synthetic leather, and inset with 3 pure copper discs on each sole as seen in photo. These Copper Insoles are designed to be light and comfortable and are shaped to the contours of your foot, allowing more movement than a solid copper heel. The soles are made to give a larger skin contact area thus allowing the active copper elements to be in direct contact with your feet (even whilst wearing socks) enabling you to absorb up to 14 times more copper than a bracelet would do. Also makes an ideal alternative to copper jewellery with the added benefit of relieving the pain associated with arthritis & rheumatism which has been well documented in studies all around the world.

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An excellent product. Have used it for several years on my cat and on myself. Has beneficial antiseptic and anti-cancer properties, I believe.
Great product and fantastic service. I ordered direct from the company and it arrived in a couple of days.
As a returning customer, I have complete confidence in their products and the customer service is superb. I am delighted that I am a customer of
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