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PCS Colloidal Silver Generator/Maker (Includes 2 x 6" Inch Silver Rods) Complete Kit

PCS Colloidal Silver Generator/Maker (Includes 2 x 6" Inch Silver Rods) Complete Kit
Brand: Pro Colloidal Silver
Product Code: PCSGENCK
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  • Ionic Colloidal Silver Generator - Professional Series
  • Nano-Particle & High-Stability
  • Includes 2 x 6" Inch 99.99% Pure Fine Silver Strips
  • + TDS PPM Tester, Red Laser Pointer & Mains Timer!

Everything you need to make your own limitless supply of premium quality ionic silver. This kit includes:

- PCS High-Stability Ionic Silver Generator (with power light and strength indicator) - direct from the well-reputed name you can trust, ProColloidalSilver, pioneers in the CS industry.

- 15v DC Power Supply - Best voltage for creating the smallest nano-particles. (The lower the voltage, the smaller the particle size and more ionic)

- Current limiting circuit design (current limited to 30ma) to maintain smallest particle size.

- Electrodes are specifically spaced to ensure smallest particle size.

- 2 x 6 inch strips of 99.99% pure silver wire rods (very thick at 1.5mm / 14 gauge)

- Certificate Of Conformity for 99.99% purity

- TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) tester for testing PPM

- Mains timer

- 1MW Red Laser Pointer

- 2 x Paper Filters

- 1 x Cleaning Pad

- Easy to follow usage instructions

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465 Reviews
At last I feel strong enough to write to thank you for the colloidal silver your firm produce. I can confirm my prostate PSA level was brought down from 10.8 in 2018 to 8.15 in 2019. This was using your colloidal silver and zinc. I also use herbal medicine for the prostate, this is obtainable from all health food shops, but without taking your products, I know, these good results would not have been possible. I suffer also with cancer of the blood, the doctor tells me its the white platelets - I'm not able to make enough of these. I was reading its possible that bone marrow therapy might help to put this right, and possibly colloidal silver might help with this also. Many thanks again to all of your for the good work you are doing. The colloidal is helping so many people towards better health.
I have been more than happy with both the products and helpful advice offered by ProColloidalSilver. The colloidal silver alone has cured me of a fungal spore poisoning after trying to move to an environmentally sick 18th century cottage, a peptic ulcer and countless food poisoning events. I very much regret not trying it for my lung condition, but was too late and lost the upper left lobe of my lung, which has left me permanently short of energy. I shall forever be grateful to Alan - and Co - from the bottom of my heart. You have a wonderful company! Thank you again for your wonderful service and products.
Excellent product and superb customer service!
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