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Cure For Cancer - The Rick Simpson Protocol E-Book **FREE**

Cure For Cancer - The Rick Simpson Protocol E-Book **FREE**
Cure For Cancer - The Rick Simpson Protocol E-Book **FREE** Cure For Cancer - The Rick Simpson Protocol E-Book **FREE** Cure For Cancer - The Rick Simpson Protocol E-Book **FREE** Cure For Cancer - The Rick Simpson Protocol E-Book **FREE** Cure For Cancer - The Rick Simpson Protocol E-Book **FREE**
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"A simple protocol for curing or controlling cancer with the use of cannabis extracts.

I always suggest to patients that they should ingest the oil by mouth for internal conditions, or to just bring their bodies back to a state of good health. After a few decades of being exposed to toxins in our day-to-day lives, even those who think of themselves as being healthy should consider ingesting a full 60g treatment to detoxify their bodies before these substances can cause problems with their health.

To treat many illnesses such as hemorrhoids or bowel cancer etc., it may be best to use the oil in the form of a suppository. Most people don’t realize it, but taking the oil into your body in this manner is one of the most effective ways to accomplish the task.

I think it’s of benefit to the patient for the oil to be administered as close as possible to a tumor or whatever is being treated. Therefore if you have bowel problems, suppositories would likely work best, but if you have something like throat cancer I would ingest the oil by mouth.

For years, doctors and researchers have been injecting tumors in lab animals with THC and they have achieved good results. Yet, sadly, they will not do the same to a dying cancer patient, so once more this highlights the failure of our medical system to do what’s right for the patient. If doctors would only recognize this amazing medication for what it is and begin to work properly with this substance, many who are now dying could be saved.

Often, patients come to me with lung cancer and other lung conditions. For such people, I recommend the use of a vaporizer in addition to ingesting the oil. Vaporizing this medication along with ingesting it can have a very beneficial effect for those suffering from lung cancers or other lung conditions. All a patient has to do is ingest their regular dose and then warm up a vaporizer and inhale the vaporized cannabinoids into their lungs. This could be done every eight hours when they are ingesting their regular dosage and it would only require the patient to inhale the vaporized cannabinoids a couple of times at each setting. By using this method, the lung cancer is being attacked from both directions and this can greatly increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

In most cases, the tumors just disappear, but I have heard that some patients have actually coughed up dead pieces of the tumors they were suffering with. I am sure this is not an experience one would enjoy, but it is the natural way our lungs rid themselves of things that should not be there.

In addition, I know patients who have passed tumors during bowel movements, but of course, this too is only natural. In some instances, these dead encapsulated tumors may have to be removed surgically, if they are too big to pass by natural means, so in a situation like this, a doctor would be required.

Judging from those I have provided the oil to who were suffering from various forms of cancer, I do not know of any type of cancer that this oil would not be effective to treat. To me, all forms of cancer are curable no matter where it chooses to manifest itself in your body. The less damage the patient has received from the medical system, the better their chance of recovery, so in my opinion those who wish to cure their cancer should use this proven natural method.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer

Topical Use

“For topical use, the oil can be mixed with skin creams, suntan lotions etc. However, for serious skin conditions, I advise that just the oil in its purest form should be used. Mixing the oil with anything will reduce the potency of this medication. Still, many of these weakened forms of hemp medicine can be quite effective to treat skin problems.
Often for people with very bad skin conditions that are spread over large areas of their body, I recommend a cannabis tincture. A tincture is simply oil mixed with alcohol or some such carrier. When one uses an eyedropper to apply a tincture to a skin condition, the alcohol causes one drop to spread over quite a large area. The alcohol evaporates off in just a few seconds, leaving the area covered with a thin film of oil.
Tinctures are a cost effective way to administer the oil over large areas and the patients themselves can adjust the strength of such a tincture to suit their needs. If one desires the tincture to be stronger, simply add more oil; if they want to weaken it, then just add more alcohol.”

Excerpted from Cure for Cancer: The Rick Simpson Protocol by Jindrich Bayer.

Pages In E-Book: 139 Pages

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